Bad Credit and Payday Loans

People with poor credit records are generally the ones who are often in need of some extra money during the course of any working month. However, it is not easy to locate a lender who is willing to give out money to a person with an unimpressive financial history. Payday loans serve as a great option for such borrowers, enabling them to take in some money and also repair their poor credit, simultaneously. Sadly, these payday loans are not necessarily the perfect solution to any money problem. Borrowers should consider the loan only after gaining proper knowledge about the loan terms and the related caveats. To remain protected throughout the process, the following steps are recommended:

Evaluating Options

5Prior to accepting a payday loan, all the options must be thoroughly evaluated, which includes selling possessions, locating additional sources of income, and going in for a traditional loan. If borrowing is the best option, loans with the lowest interest rates must be considered. Individuals with poor credit would not find it easy to get favorable interest rates. Payday loans could come with very high rates. These loans, therefore, must always be the last resort.

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All the fees related to payday loans should be assessed. Several payday lenders tend to attach high prices to these loans. This aspect of the payday loan should be watched out for in the agreement’s fine print, to avoid embracing a loan that’s more expensive than the norm.

Eligibility Issues

Payday loan lenders generally append some stringent eligibility rules to their loans, to ensure that borrowers do not default on their payments. The rules could involve factors relating to age, income, and other things. To avoid any unwanted surprises, borrowers must have a thorough understanding of these stipulations before they sign on the dotted lines.

Establishing Paycheck Value

Payday loans are accessible to borrowers with poor credit history as they are built keeping the paycheck in mind. Lenders would consider the borrower’s fundamental recurring expenses and then may restrict the loan to a percentage of the applicant’s weekly or monthly income. Borrowers should, therefore, work with their lenders to arrive at an appropriate loan amount. Ultimately, neither party would be happy to witness a case of default.


A payday loan can never be the best form of borrowing money. However, its usage could be relevant if the borrower expects to see some additional income in the near future, in the form of a gift, tax refund, or inheritance. The loan would help with meeting the expenses until the windfall sets in. BBC News

Payday loans or any other form of borrowed money helps rebuild credit, only if the loan is repaid on time and in full. Higher credit ratings would help avoid the payday loan’s necessity in the future.

Word of Caution

Prior to signing the loan agreement, a final review of all the fees and the interest rates must be done, including interest rate rollovers in the future.

If not too sure of what payday loans are and how they work, it is always safe to interact with people who are knowledgeable about this financial tool. Possibly, they could come up with some better loan format suggestions.